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Sweatpants – the must have in a wardrobe

Gone are the days when sweatpants or joggers were only associated with attire worn during physical exercising activities and not to be adorned in formal occasions or to be adorned in public places. Originally sweatpants were designed for men who preferred comfort over style but now with the turning of time joggers are equally sported by both men and women, and they are a perfect mix of both comfort and style.

What are sweatpants?

Sweatpants are basically comfortable legwear made primarily of cotton making them the perfect wear for hot weather. Some of them may have fleece linings to them enabling people to wear them across seasons. Since fleece has a lot of qualities, during cold winters, they will keep the body warm, and during scorching heat, the sweatpants would soak up all the sweat thereby cooling the temperature and providing a soothing effect. Thus truly they are a must have for all seasons now.

Sweatpants generally come in all the bold solid colours like grey, navy blue, black which are like a blessing for all men as they get rid of the mammoth task of choosing among many and mixing and matching of colours. But with so much daily improvement in fashion, many companies have come to the market creating all the more funky and cool sweatpants. Joggers now come in so many different styles each suitable for a different kind of refreshing look and a range of occasion and public settings. Where the plain single coloured sweatpants are a sure buy and save men from committing fashion blunder, the funkier ones are for people who like experimenting with style and are colourful in nature and can carry off such style with much ease.

What type of sweatpants to buy?

Breaking all orthodox fashion stereotypes, sweatpants now can be worn in all occasions like in university parties or while visiting pubs or bars, or while going on trips or even while carrying off semi-formal looks. They can be teamed easily with sporty t-shirts, or full sleeved Henleys or cool cardigans and pullovers or even semi-formal full-sleeved shirts. While choosing the correct sweatpants, few things are to be remembered crucially. It is always better to choose sweatpants which come with better stylish fitting for the body rather than the loose baggy ones as they are quite old fashioned. Bewakoof offers a range of cool and stylish sweatpants at affordable prices, and it’s even possible to Compare prices of Sweatpants on the website to get the sweetest deal and a sweatpant to treasure for a long time.

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