The best way to promote any business nowadays is through a dedicated website. Many of you may feel that despite having a website in place, it’s not doing anything to increase your visibility. Ever wondered why is it so?

Most often, it is seen that one of the primary reasons for this is because the website does not have eye-catching quality content. This may be because the content writing agency that you have hired is not doing a good job. Or it may even be that you don’t already have a content writing agency in place because you do not want to invest your money on them. This is where freelance writers come into the picture.

This is how you can hire freelance content writers for niche websites.

Shortlist freelance content writing websites

With freelance content writers on the rise, content writing agencies are now less in demand. If you want content writing services done, then the first step is to identify some freelance content writing websites. Some of the popular websites you can refer and register with are Contentmart, Freelancer, and Fiverr. Contentmart is one of the most reputed websites that have the finest writers on their platform. There are various talented writers who specialize in different domains of writing. Academic copywriters, real estate copywriters, technical copywriters, business writers are to name a few.

Specify your requirements

The next step is to post your requirements on these websites as a client. Specify what content writing services you require from the writer. Give clear and detailed instructions, including how much you are willing to pay, how many words per article, the target audience, and the deadline. Now all you need to do is wait patiently for the writers to bid on your posting.

Choose your writer

Once you get notified that writers have started bidding on your posting, the real work begins. To choose a reliable writer, you need to ascertain that they can do a good job. For instance, on Contentmart, apart from the ratings and the number of works the writers have taken up so far, you can also see reviews that other clients have given them along with their portfolio. Say, if you are looking for a real estate copywriter, then you can choose a writer who has written on similar topics before. Experience always counts. However, so does your affordability.

Contact your writer

By this time you may have shortlisted a few candidates that you deemed fit to be your writer based on your needs and requirements. If you further want to screen the shortlisted writers, you can request them to send you a sample article so that you can judge whether you are impressed with their style of writing.

It is essential that you establish a rapport with your writer. At the end of the day, the best content is generated when you and your writers have an irreplaceable understanding with each other.

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