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3 Factors to Consider when Seeking a Web Design Mentor

If you are self taught or had a formal education, having a web design mentor can help you flourish. They can help you focus and keep you apprised on important trends. But know that finding one can be tricky, so here are the factors to consider while on the same.

  1. Determine why you need one

With no clarity on what you would accomplish with a mentor, you will waste time and money. When you determine your focus, you will know what you need when it comes to skills and knowledge. It saves time and effort by paramount. Every web designers in Singapore pay heed to this and results have been good.

  1. Understand the difference between mentor and teacher

A mentor won’t enlighten you on the fundamentals of web design. For this, you need to enroll for classes, online tutorials and books. A mentor will check your work to know what is and is not working. If you are still learning and don’t hold much experience, then you can go for some projects to check where you are at and plan to improvise.

  1. Like their work

Seek a mentor who is exceptional. Maybe you have worked with them before. No matter what the case, you are simply inspired. They build the type of work you would love to be a part of or create someday. They should bring value. Your passion and enthusiasm must make them excited as well.

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